The fact that a mobile phone can be a dangerous thing to have for a professional criminal has been realized for a while now. Yet a major challenge is to acquire and maintain the competence to use this data to detect and prevent incidents, address and manage complex situations, investigate effectively and resolve cases in a timely manner.

A-EyeTM – Crime Analytics

With over 10 years of R&D, ABIBA unleashes the next generation crime intelligence system known as A-EyeTM designed to give that forefront advantage to help deal with the preventive and investigative requirements.

ABIBA A-EyeTM translates data into clear visualizations to aid the analysis of complex scenarios quickly along with other feature highlights like CDR analysis with power search, location & tower analysis, real-time tracking and much more.

With modules like Tactical Intelligence, Operational Intelligence and Digital Intelligence, A-EyeTM caters to all level of requirements in the Law Enforcement Agencies hierarchy, right from operations to strategy.